Rebecca’s Introduction

The name is Rebecca and I’m the white mage of the Clan Uprising. I believe in a greater power above that has given me my healing powers.  These special powers of mine have led me down the path of nursing in my first year of university. However, I lost the battle and decided to pursue languages, which I have always been fond of. Even though I was raised in Hong Kong, I am fortunate to have gained powers from both sides since I’m half Chinese and half Caucasian. I believe it is this environment that developed my interest in languages.  Ever since I was young, I had always wanted to learn Japanese and Spanish and I’m proud to say that I have accomplished this goal so now I must work towards my next dream. My ultimate goal in life is to open up my own café, so naturally my research topic while in Japan is food related.

I am excited as being able to sample different desserts in Japan will deepen my powers.  All cultures are unique and the uniqueness shows up in the food that people prepare through exclusive ingredients. For example, rose water in Persian food, kaffir lime leaves in Thai food, peanut butter in African food and so on.  Since I mentioned peanut butter, I have a confession to make. I love anything with nuts, and especially peanut butter, but since an important member of the clan is under an unbreakable spell that forbids her to intake any products with nuts, I will proudly take on the role to sample any desserts that contain nuts for the sake of the clan. I don’t know how common the use of nuts are in Japan but I did notice that Japanese people like playing with flavours and create ones that have significant meanings to them culturally; like the use of sakura or matcha in their diet.

Courtesy of Shaun in Japan

It might seem odd to outsiders but matcha for example has great healing powers. It can fight cancer and burn fat. Being a healer, I am interested in the health aspects of the use of any ingredients. Our enemies have been misleading people that anything black is bad so my goal is to redeem the one special healing ingredient bamboo charcoal powder, which I find most fascinating. It is widely used in Japan and is known to aid the intestinal tract.  Along with the love I have for cooking and eating, I hope to further develop my powers through this experience in Japan.

I have started a food blog but haven’t had time to dedicate to it fully yet, but once I become less busy, I hope to share my cooking experience and interesting encounters with different foods with people who care. Since I will complete my degree after this trip to Japan, I will be able to continue my adventure to other places to explore the different flavours people use in food; giving me a great excuse to travel since I don’t like to be trapped in one same place for too long. I learnt that there are many ways to heal people and I find the approach with food is most suitable for me.  Have you ever had something so wonderful that you just can’t hide the happiness? I sure have. I hope to see the smile on people’s faces through food.  Sweet things are known to cure the blues so if at any time that you get overwhelmed or stressed while we are on this journey together, come find our clan and we’ll share some of our jolliness with you!


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