Tim’s Introduction

I am the third member of Clan Uprising, the assassin who hides in the shadows waiting to strike. My blade is an extension of my arm; a part of my body. Whether cutting into my victim or a delicious slice of cake I never miss the mark. Many names have been given to me over the years, but those who know me call me by Tim. This world is full of dark, mysterious places of wonder, but none as grand as Japan, far to the east. A formidable chain of islands created by the blade of the gods, Japan rises out of the ocean. As one whom works in darkness I am privy to the whispers of the night; words spoken among thieves and swords for hire alike. Throughout my past escapades certain information is heard more often than others. It is said that the empire in the east, whose history is vast and full of the unknown, offers the most exquisite of honeyed delicacies and treats that has ever graced the taste buds of men. With my fellow clan members, I will embark on a quest to sample even a few choice morsels of this forbidden food, this dessert crafted by expert hands.

A man is capable of many things; this I have come to know over time. Before my fate change and I began walking down the path of the blade, I was a university student lost in a world of knowledge. Having been raised in a small fishing village of an undisclosed location, my interests shaped and molded around my environment. The Japanese influence throughout my younger days gave rise to a driving passion to discover the hidden secrets locked away in the vault of cultural perfection that is Japan. Up until this point my life as an assassin has not led me to unlocking this paragon of sweet culinary and cultural experience. However, that will all change soon as we, Clan Uprising, surge forth from our lair of darkness to take the dessert scene of Tokyo into our grasp and our bellies.

Assassins may seem like elusive characters, which we are, but we too share in similar interests to everyone else. Smashing tennis balls across the court to defeat my opponent is a great way to relax after a long day of stalking a target. Literature must always be read for both entertainment and the sharpening of the mind. One must always keep their mind as sharp as their blade to create a deadly combination. Reflexes must be honed through constant practice of reactionary video games. A good assassin is only useful when his body can act instantly out of muscle memory, of course. Naturally researching a hit involves plenty of time and preparation along with constant observation. Because of this photography is a key tool and through this comes my interest in photographing all kinds of things, not just whoever I happen to be hunting. Keeping healthy and trained is essential when you are a trained killer. With regards to personal health, I constantly am on the prowl for nourishing foods to help me stay on top of the game. Cooking is a lot like killing; careful preparation, so many variables to consider, with the final result being a dirty knife. At the top of my list in terms of cuisine are desserts of all sorts. My number one pick would have to be iced treats though.

Iced indulgences come in many shapes and sizes, and the Japanese creatively adapt these edibles to form elaborate desserts. Parfait ice cream dripping down the side of a frosted glass, topped with fresh fruit, wafers, red bean, and syrup is one such creation. Frozen bars of all varieties wrapped in colourful designs; even the infamous Gomu Yokki Aisu. Even sushi ice cream can be found if you look hard enough. Ice cream, like enemies, comes in all forms; I plan to seek out as many as I can. Where does this inspiration come from? What kinds of toppings are available? How do these foreign ice creams compare to those I have had the pleasure of tasting in the past? I will spare no one as I seek out the answers to these questions for our clan.

Though my instinct as an assassin leans towards concealment I plan to reveal these treats and more for you. As Western food influence grows in Japan, so too does their use of dairy products. Although once a rarity, dairy is becoming increasingly common. How does the quality of dairy products found in Japan compare to those found overseas, specifically Canada? We will soon find out.


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