Xin’s Introduction

Greetings, I am Xin, the battle mage of Clan Uprising. My job consists of raining mass amounts of destruction from the front lines of battle using a combination of both weapon and magic. So in other words, for this project, I will be sampling a huge variety of desserts from the front lines. I’m currently taking a combined degree in Computer Science and East Asian Language Studies. In my free time, I like watching anime, reading, as well as venturing into virtual worlds in order to conduct battle. My favorite anime are shows like Gintama and One Piece. In general, I like listening to all different kinds of music, but my favorite is visual kei for both the style of dress and the type of music. Additionally, I enjoy playing sports, but I’m not really good at them, so I don’t actually play them all that often. My dream is to be able to lend some of my power in the creation of future virtual worlds, or, if all else fails, to craft something for the purpose of forwarding humanity’s knowledge within the field of robotics. I’m not really good at interacting with other people, and as a child, I was known to others as being shy or quiet to the point of looking like I’m plotting to take over the world. But, I’ll be trying my best this next month to not look like I’m plotting something.

This next month in Japan, I’ll be looking forward to trying out all different kinds of Japanese desserts. I’m allergic to all kinds of nuts in general, so sadly I won’t be able to sample any of those kinds of desserts, but there are still plenty of sweets that contain none to try. My research will consist of focussing on wagashi, which are traditional Japanese sweets. Wagashi have a soft texture and can be easily molded into elaborate shapes. A variety of colors are also added to the design, allowing one to create a plethora of aesthetically-pleasing treats. There are many that are dependent upon the season, and will change shape and color in order to suit the time of the year. In particular, I will be concentrating a lot of my research on a type of wagashi called mochi and the multiple derivations that it has, such as dango and manju. I’ll look into what the differences are between them and whether or not you can actually notice them or not. In general, I’ll also be looking at the different types of each wagashi, the presentation and style, the minute details molded into them, and what purpose all of this serves.

This is a chance for me to expand my horizons as we strive forward on our journey. As a battle mage I must be ready for anything, and this time is no exception. I hope that this journey will be enjoyable for everyone and I look forward to departing soon.


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